Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well this week we did some strawberry picking. The kids and I picked  A LOT of berries! You know me I took lots and lots of pictures since this was their first time picking strawberries. Here are just a few.

There are just way too many berries to eat before they go bad so last night I made my very first pie ever!
Well except a pudding pie I make all the time in a pre-made graham cracker crust, that doesn't count!
 This is the recipe I went by
I didn't really measure the strawberries, I just filled the pie with berries, and I didn't put the mint on either. I thought we would put cool whip on top when we serve it. I'll let you know how it tastes after dinner! Here are some pictures :-)

I can't wait to have a piece later!


  1. Looks yummy, Denise! Strawberries make really good freezer jelly..and its easy too!

    1. It was very yummy! We are all out of strawberries, but we are going to go and pick more sometime this week. If you e-mail me the recipe for the jelly, maybe I'll try it.
      you can send it to my g-mail ( )