Saturday, June 1, 2013

end of the school year

I had so much fun with all the kids on their Field Day! I got to eat lunch with Emilee and her classmates.(Sean's class ate before I was finished helping with the relays, so I'll have to have lunch with him another time)

I remember when I was in grade school, my mom used to buy me a little autograph book for me to take in and have all my friends sign and put their phone numbers in so we could keep in touch over the summer. Well I thought I would get one for Emilee and Sean... I went to just about every store in the area looking for an autograph book and never found one :-(  So I decided to make them one by myself, I just got a small sketch book at hobby lobby and put stickers on the front, they are pretty simple. Emilee and Sean loved them, they thanked me sooo much and couldn't wait for their friends to sign them. I hope they had some free time to let all their little friends write in them. Are you surprised that I took a picture of them...SEE :-)
We also gave their teachers an end of the year gift. I made these cute little albums. They are made out of 4 paper lunch bags that I sewed together, then decorated all the pages. I stuck a picture of the kids and a class picture, then left all the other pages blank for them to fill in with there favorite photos. Of course here's some pictures...
this is the front of Emilee's Teachers...and the pages.

 and this is the back.

Here is the one we gave to Sean's teacher. Sean told me here favorite color was purple.

Here is the poem that went into one of the pockets.

I really enjoyed making these little paper bag albums. Emilee and I have started making one for my niece, Kylie. I'm getting Emilee addicted to scrapbooking at an early age. She really likes the BLING and STICKLES! I knew she would because what little girl doesn't like sparkly things!

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  1. These paper bag books are just adorable! You really put a lot of effort into them - I'm sure the teachers LOVED them!!