Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Strawberry Popsicles

Emilee and I made some strawberry popsicles, with some of  the berries we picked. Kylie was over today and had not 1 but 2 of them and said they were so good, and I should put them on my blog. She has apparently  been reading my blog. She is so cute. Of course I took pictures of Emilee making the popsicles, so I am taking Kylie's advice and blogging them.

We smashed  the berries with a potato masher until we had about 2 cups of  mushed berries. then we added 1 cup of milk, and mixed them up with the hand mixer, next we added about 2 tbs of sugar(more or less depending on how sweet you like them) Last thing is pour them into the popsicle molds and  then freeze!
                                         Mashing the berries
                                        mixing the milk and sugar
                        time to freeze, after the clean up of the overflow. lol
                                  the end result.. she loved them!!!

Well Sean didn't get to help with the strawberry popsicle making. He was too busy playing the wii. So I made some chocolate pudding and mixed some cool whip in and let him put the pops together.

                      "oops!! I stuck the wrong end in, I'll clean it off"
                                               All done!
 Sean said the pudding tasted better before they were popsicles, but I thought they were pretty good!