Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been pretty busy getting things ready for Easter, and I think I'm done with all the goodie part anyway.
Easter dinner planning will be next.
Here are a few things I (along with the help of Pinterest) came up with this year.

 I saw these on Pinterest and just had to make them! They are adorable! After filling them you can't really lift them with the overall straps because the cardstock isn't strong enough, but they were a big hit!

I also went all out and made Emilee and Sean's teachers these cute flowers made out of Chocolate!! 

Then finally I made these ice cream cones for the kids class!

I had lots of fun with all these projects, now on to the next!!  Looking forward to coming up with a few things for teacher appreciation week. The teachers work so hard, they deserve something that can put a smile on their faces!



  1. Love all the Easter goodies...especially the cones for the class.
    You do awesome stuff!

    1. How do you like how I displayed them? Duct tape has so many functions! LOL