Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Santa Shop

I volunteered at the Santa Shop this year again, these little kids are so adorable. Most of the kids had little stories of why they were getting certain things for their family members, but this one little boy (Kindergartener)was having a hard time choosing something to get for his dad until he came across this snow scrapper. He was sooo excited, he said  "my dad is going to LOVE this, he always has to use his truck scrapper to scrape my moms car windows because my mom always looses hers, now he'll have an extra." I really enjoyed helping these little cuties do their Christmas shopping. I even got to have lunch with Sean and Emilee and their classmates. At lunch the little cuties were discussing what I might make for their Christmas party treats...they know me so well already. lol
Lunch with Sean!

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