Saturday, November 2, 2013


I started this week off a bit under the weather, not sure what it was, maybe a touch of the flu. I just lay around the house Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Thursday I started to perk up. Pretty lucky too because I had promised Emilee and Sean I would make treat bags and cookies for their Halloween parties on Friday.
Well you all already know I have pinned so many ideas on Pinterest. I also had discussed and showed the kids my ideas and they helped me narrow them down. They even helped me with the cookies, and what to put into the treat bags.
Sean chose a Frankenstein treat bag, and Emilee wanted a ghost treat bag. So I decided to make all the boys Frankenstein bags and all the girls would get ghost bags.  After looking again at all the ideas out there on the Web, I came up with these.

Judging by the looks on all the kids faces, they loved them.

This is a picture of the spider cookies we made.

 And here are the bat cookies.
Well Thursday night I kept thinking how on earth can I get all these treat bags and cookies and the teachers gifts into the school in the least amount of trips as possible. I ended up getting all the cookies, treat bags and gifts into 4 boxes,(with lots of help from my husband) then I had a bag with my camera, (of course) and the plates and napkins. So that was going to be probably 5 trips into the building since the boxes couldn't be stacked because of my fear that I would smash them. Ok so I get to the school and carry 1 box in and tell the Secretary I have at least 4 more trips worth of stuff. She said wait a minute and came back out with a cart that I could use to bring them in with. Yeah!!! So I push the cart out to the van and loaded 1 box on and turn around to get another box and the cart started to roll away(it was quite windy),  awww pheeeww I caught it before it got too far. After all that I got everything in in just 1 more trip. Then the Secretary said they would take it from here. I didn't even have to carry them all the way(not that far. lol) to the classrooms. woo-hoo!!! 
Now it was party time. Emilee's class had lots of parent helpers and Sean's only had 1 so I helped out in Sean's class. We had LOTS of cookies, candy, cupcakes and punch. We played a few games. One of the games we played was the mummy wrap, where you take turns wrapping your buddy up. All the kids loved that! 
Mr. Brooks is such and awesome teacher, he agreed to let the kids wrap him up like a mummy! I think that was the best part of the party for the kids!

You can really tell these children love their teacher! That really makes for a great school year!
Thanks to Mr. Brooks for all he is doing for these little sweeties!

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