Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I have been quite busy the last few weeks. Today I don't have anything planned until this evening so I thought I would catch everybody up on some cool things I have been doing.

This was a week or two ago, my mother-in-law came over for the day and we BAKED. I made some Cookies, White chip orange dream cookies. Here is the link to the recipe:  I used orange extract and the spice orange peel since I didn't have any oranges, but they taste better with the actual grated orange peel.  Here is a picture...They are one of my favorite cookies and I just might make these for my cookie exchange this year.

Next my mother-in law made a sour cherry pie. I am not found of cherries but my father-in-law requested this one.  It turned out great and everyone loved it! We served it with vanilla ice cream! Of course there is a picture. LOL
  Next I made an apple crisp pizza!  I follow this recipe BUT I doubled the topping, added at least one more apple( I piled it high, it shrunk in the oven) and added at least one more tsp of cinnamon because you can never have too much cinnamon! Here it is...

Finally we made a Warm Apple-Buttermilk Custard Pie
This pie looked awesome, but I don't think we will be making it again...for one thing it took a lot longer to make than we expected and it really wasn't that good :-(  It really did look good see...
Well that was our baking day and I had an awesome time with my mother-in-law!

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